Thursday, October 13, 2011

“How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students”

Technology plays very important role in the classroom today and can be used to teach important concepts. Also,technology can provide learners with increased exposure to a foreign language.foreign language teacher can use websites such as: blogs,wikis and delicious with her students that can increase student knowledge and proficiency.

Blogs:  I would use blogs To provide extra reading practice for students.This reading can be produced by the teacher, other students in the same class, or, in the case of comments posted to a blog, by people from all over the world. Also,to improve my students’ writing. For example, I will let them post freely whatever they want and comment on each other posts.  

wikis:  To use wiki with my students, I would divide the class into groups; each group will have their wiki. I’ll post some topics related to our course, each group will select a topic and collect information about it, post it in their group wiki and discuss it with their classmates. 

Delicious:  Delicious is a bookmarking tool that every student would need. I would ask my students to make their own Delicious and for each lesson I will ask them to bookmark an article or a website that they find it useful and beneficial to our lesson, and share it with their classmates. 

using of websites such as blogs, wiki and Delicious in teaching can be a powerful and effective technology tool for students and teachers alike.


  1. Salam,
    I don't agree with you in letting them post freely. Writing should be controlled, i.e., give them a topic or a theme and they can generate sub-topics.
    Please change the font to a larger one and unify it for the whole post.

  2. Salam,
    I am not sure why the previous comment didn't show up! anyway, I wrote that I don't agree with you in letting the students to write freely. They should have a common topic or theme. Their writing should be controlled.
    Please change the font and unify it for the whole post.
    Good luck.
    Dr. Hala